1,300 2 and 3 BHK flats to be built by Bangalore Development Authority

The BDA’s proposal to construct 1,300 flats in Kommaghatta, Kanminnike and Valagerahalli has been approved and tenders will be invited for the same.

A senior BDA official told media that three projects will come up in Kommaghatta – third, fourth and fifth phase. In the fourth and fifth phase 288,  2 BHK flats will be constructed and in the third phase 344, 3 BHK flats will be constructed. In Kanminike- fifth phase, 280 3 BHK flats will be constructed and at Vallegerahalli 360 3 BHK flats will be constructed.

These flats will be much bigger in size when compared to the existing 2 BHK and 3 BHK flats. The flat size has increased because of the demand from middle and upper-middle class families, the official added.

The new 2 BHK flats will measure 800 sqft compared to the earlier 600 sqft carpet area. Flats in Valagerahalli, will be 900 sqft and at Kommaghatta and Kanminike the 3 BHK flats will be 1200 sqft compared to the earlier 800 sqft flats. At Vallegerahalli the 3 BHK flats will measure 1500 sqft.

Flat rates will be decided at a later stage, depending upon the details finalised and approved by the builder and BDA. The apartment complexes will be built using pre-cast technology and in-Situ method. The interiors of the flats will also change as the carpet area is bigger and it will depend upon the design approved by the builders and BDA.

The official pointed that no new one BHK flats will be constructed because the demand is less. “People are demanding more 2 and 3 BHKs. Besides there are 1 BHK flats which BDA has already notified, but with few takers,” the official added.

Credits Deccan Herald

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