2.93 lakh properties out of tax net in Bengaluru: Govt. statement

BENGALURU: The state government on Wednesday told the high court that 2.93 lakh properties or vacant sites (17.49%) in the BBMP area are outside tax net and are estimated to be unauthorized. Submitting an additional statement of objections in relation to petitions challenging the Akrama-Sakrama scheme for one-time regularization of unauthorized properties, the government said as the number is huge, it’s not possible for BBMP to survey them.

According to a BBMP survey conducted with regard to implementation of the Karnataka Town and Country Planning (unauthorized development and construction regulation) Rules, 2014, 13.82 lakh sites have come under tax net against a total of 16.75 lakh properties. While 10.19 lakh properties are being used for residential purpose (73.74 %), 1.34 lakh properties are meant for commercial use (9.69%) and 61,000 properties for mixed use (4.61 % ). In addition, there are 1.68 lakh vacant sites paying tax, forming 12.16%, the government stated.

While 52.50 % residential properties have 0-50% violations in construction and building bye-laws, 47.5% buildings have violations above 50%, beyond the ceiling fixed under the Akrama-Sakrama scheme. In the non-residential building category, 8.75 % buildings have more than 25% violations and 18.25 % buildings have 0-25 % violations, it said.

Counsel for the Citizens for Mangaluru Development claimed that there are contradictions in the statement filed by the government, which has not yet come up with any data regarding other cities and towns where this new scheme is applicable. A division bench headed by Chief Justice Subhro Kamal Mukherjee posted the matter to Thursday for hearing.

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