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Open, collaborative, free-thinking spaces – the new terms defining office design these days. Here’s more on Pegasystems Bengaluru office that promotes the same ideology

Several companies today are adopting a more non-hierarchical, pro-employee office design that encourages recreation time, be it with game rooms, lounge areas, or even sleeping rooms. One of them is strategic CRM applications developer Pegasystem’s office in Bengaluru.

Their Hyderabad office is well-known for its modern-yet-traditional vibe with its sprinkling of Indian elements in design, and the Bengaluru office was also conceptualised to extend the glocal (global yet local) theme of the Hyderabad office. While the Bengaluru office retains the vibrancy of colours, reminiscent of the Hyderabad office, the focus here is more on comfort and breaking the hierarchy, than on localising it with Indian elements.

“Our main objective was to design an office space that fostered innovation through collaboration. All the elements provided had to tie in with our global agile development mantra. We are passionate about creating software, so we want to offer a creative working space to our employees,” says Suman Reddy, managing director, Pegasystems India.

The Bengaluru office is vibrant with colourful walls and intelligent lighting, which blends well with contemporary and ethnic interiors, “aimed to fuel the creative minds at Pega”.

The Pega office space is designed to ensure motivation and to give a clutter-free thinking space. So the space has a sense of openness, imagination, collaboration and much needed fun elements such as collab (collaboration) spaces, recreational spaces, bean bags, sofas and lounge chairs. The design doesn’t have any particular colour code, and rather plays with a spectrum. The idea, Reddy says, was to cater to the preference of a diverse talent pool. “We asked the designer to incorporate vibrant colours to make the office more lively and interesting, which employees would really want to call it their second home.” We doubt that, but if work and fun go together for you, Pegasystems office definitely qualifies for that.

“We basically want our folks to come, have fun and create great software. You can’t make software which transforms business behemoths unless you think out of the box. Thereby we constantly need to figure out the best way to boost efficiency,” Reddy says.

The design for Pega’s Bengaluru office is done by Symmetrics Design. The mandate for the design was simple: promote cross-functional engagement, team-building spaces and boost creativity. “We have seen the difference in the ideas and performance of our employees. The ideation corners where one can be relaxed and focus has worked wonders,” Reddy says.

The ‘collab corners’ and ‘recreational spaces’ in the office are a popular hanging out area with the employees, obviously so. These are two walled rooms that serve double up as open meeting rooms. The office has numerous collaboration areas sprinkled across its floors, where employees can quickly get together for chats and meetings.

To break the monotony of traditional, boxed work spaces, the office design carefully takes in account swing chairs, ethnic furniture, ample green cover, to create an informal work space.

While the culture in the office isn’t exactly of the t-shirts and flip flops variety, the employees get some serious work done. Over 70 per cent of Pega’s global R&D takes place in India.


Credits Bangalore Mirror

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