PropGod Services Private Limited is an internet technology based company which helps customers with the property and related needs around properties that are available for residential, commercial and investment purpose. The company is based out of Bangalore currently and serves Bangalore. The company is categorised into 7 verticals.

1) Residential Real Estate – Marketing and Partnerships
2) Commercial Real Estate – Marketing and Partnerships
3) Property Management Services
4) Property Development and Interiors
5) Events
6) E Commerce
7) Property Investment Fund

PropGod is led by professionals who have 100+ years cumulative experience in real estate, internet and financial services industries.

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  1. Hi,

    My name is Subbu Athikunte. I am the founder of SimplyGuest. An article quoting me and some of SimplyGuest customers appeared in Times of India on May 12 2016. Your blog post
    http://blog.propgod.com/tenants-have-to-pay-high-security-deposit-at-bangalore-in-the-absence-of-model-tenancy-act/ has taken some quotes from that article but you have removed reference to SimplyGuest. Its absolutely ok to quote me, but please put the reference back to SimplyGuest. I’d really appreciate it.


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