Activist fear buildings to come up very close to conservation sites in Nashik

NASHIK: The National Green Tribunal’s (NGT) decision to lift the stay it had put on building constructions till the NMC made a compost plant operational and treated 100% waste, has raised concern about buildings coming up near conservation sites.

The Western Zone bench of the NGT, Pune — which had imposed a stay on construction all building until Nashik Municipal Corporation (NMC) made the compost plant completely operational and treated 100% waste — has lifted all the conditions except for environment clearance.

Constructions on 20,000 sq mts and above will need environment clearance, but buildings have been permitted up to 100 m from the periphery of the conservation area. In case of sanctuaries, construction is permitted at 100 meter periphery from the boundary wall.

“I personally feel that constructions close to conservation site would disturb the wildlife. There are constructions even near Pandavleni where many peacocks are sighted. I feel such places should be declared as protected,” said an environment activist Rajesh Pandit.

Jagbir Singh, another environment activist, said, “The condition of NGT was that the compost plant should be completely functional and waste segregation should be at the source of collection. Now with the norms relaxed, the NMC should follow all the conditions seriously.”

Sree Kartika, a student of botany, said, “Conservation sites are for preserving nature and the wild but human settlements could disturb the wild and could possibly lead to increased man-animal conflict. Hence, whenever any construction is to be done in such areas, natural greenery should be maintained and new plantations should also be carried out.”

Harish Jaiswal, a businessman, said if builders follow all the rules then conservation sites could be safe. “Many people destroy natural habitats during construction activities even if it is not necessary. The NMC should make it compulsory for builders constructing buildings in such societies to retain the greenery wherever possible and should also make planting twice the trees than mandatory for buildings elsewhere,” he said.

Prachi Deshpande, a teacher, said, “Care should be taken while constructing buildings. Trees and natural flora of the area should not be disturbed. This will ensure that the wildlife habitat is intact. Most man-animal conflict is due to habitat destruction.”

Kranti Shingi, a housewife, said the NMC should impose some restrictions on constructions near Pandavleni, Nandur Madhyameshwar Bird Sanctuary and Gangapur dam. “Builders should take care that the conservation sites are not affected due to the construction activity and settlements,” she said.

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