Akrama-Sakrama in Bengaluru: Get your property papers ready

BENGALURU: You will need a clutch of documents ­ from the property land deed to zone certification to sanctioned plan and even photographs of the building. The state government is set to issue a fresh notification on Akrama-Sakrama, the one time regularization scheme for unauthorized building constructions and violations.

A senior BBMP official said citizens who apply for the scheme have to fill in Form 1, ‘Application for Regularization of Unauthorized Development’ which has four sub-sections, depending on the category of violation pertaining to the applicant’s property.

“Each category of violation has a certain set of documents that need to be attached to the form. Since the scheme is a self-declaration model to start with, citizens should assess their property dimensions and file the application with relevant documents. Civic officials will go through the documents, approve of them or reject them after a spot inspection,“ he added.

“For some category of violations, we are asking for an NOC from the KSPCB as the Akrama-Sakrama rule book clearly says that no special and hazardous industry, or an industry categorized ‘Red’ by the Karnataka State Pollution Control Board, shall be regularized. Also, scrutiny fee and regularization fee will have to be paid through demand drafts favouring the competent authority,“ he added.

Asked what would happen to property owners who don’t apply for the scheme but continue with the violations, BBMP officials said, “We’ve got instructions to map such properties once the April deadline for filing applications is over. The government may issue orders to demolish properties which continue to violate building norms.“

Civic officials reiterated that buildings or sites encroaching spaces reserved for parks, open spaces and playgrounds and public activities in the respective master plans of the localities will not be considered for regularization. “Properties encroaching parks or civic amenities in approved layouts will not be regularized. They will face demolition,“ an official said.

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