All temples in Andhra to display lists of Lease defaulters & enroachers

From The New Indian Express

HYDERABAD: As thousands of acres of temple lands in the State are encroached, Andhra Pradesh government has ordered Executive Officers (EOs) of all temples across the State to exhibit the list consisting of names of encroachers and extent of land illegally occupied by them in front of every temple in the State, with immediate effect.

The State government in an order issued here on Thursday asked EOs of all temples to display the list of defaulters and illegal encroachers in front of all the temples.

At the same time, the list of all lease holders of lands of various temples, who are promptly paying lease rental to the authorities of the respective temple, will also be exhibited before the respective temple in a bid to encourage such persons.

“Henceforth, flexiboards should be erected near all the temples across the State giving the list of lease holders who are promptly paying lease rental, the list of defaulters as well as illegal encroachers besides putting their names in the temple website as well,” Endowments department principal secretary JSV Prasad directed all EOs.

According to the order, many temples in the State have substantial properties which are periodically leased out to people through public auction. Such lease holders have to pay the necessary lease rental and after expiry of the lease they have to vacate the premises given to them on lease. However, some of the leaseholders are not vacating the temple lease premises even after expiry of their lease period.

“They are getting a stay order from some quasi Judicial authority or from a Court of Law. In some cases, persons are in brazen encroachment of temple properties,” JSV Prasad stated.

“Hence, the State government directs the Commissioner, Endowments department to ensure that all EOs of temples follow this order scrupulously. Commissioner for Endowments should report full compliance before March 31,” he added.

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