Aluminium formwork system enables high rise in 6 months

From ET Realty

SURAT: It will take just six months to build a 20-storeyed building, provided you use aluminium formwork system, a popular construction technology. A building contractor has imported this technology from Taiwan to construct skyscrapers in the city. Siddhi Construction is building Global Textile Market (GTM) at Garden Mill Compound near SMIMER Hospital using aluminium formwork system, which is a first for Gujarat. GTM complex that will come up on 20 lakh square feet of land will house 5,000 shops.

“This technology will ensure that projects are completed on time. This will help acccelerate growth of the real estate industry,” said Sagar Dandwate and Prashant Dandwate of Siddhi Construction, which has imported this technology to the city. They also plan to construct a 70-metre high building in the city using aluminium formwork system, which will make it possible for a builder to take a slab every sixth day.

Aluminium formwork system provides aluminium formwork for RCC load bearing, which enables the walls and slabs to be poured in the same operation. This increases efficiency and produces an extraordinarily strong structure with excellent concrete finish. “Massive projects have been completed within a few months in the United States, Singapore and Hong Kong. Despite speed, quality is not compromised,” Sagar Dandwate said.

“This technology helps speed up work and also improves quality of concrete in construction,” SNS Construction’s partner Harshil Daliwala said, adding that in his view aluminium formwork system may not be cost effective for small projects.

Municipal commissioner Milind Torwane said, “We can use this technology for construction of EWS and LIG houses for the economically backward people. It will help the government to complete the projects on time.”

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