At Bengaluru, bank officers face trial for lending against fake property documents

Two officials of Vijaya Bank will face trial for alleged collusion with three people who submitted fake property documents to procure a loan.

The bank realised the documents were fake only when it tried to take possession of the property for non-payment of the loan. The original land owner then filed a case, including the bank officials who approved the loan. The High Court has said that though the claim of the bank officials that they are innocent seems to be correct, it was for the trial court to decide on it.

D Shekhar Shetty and B Karunakar Shetty, both working in Vijaya Bank, approached the HC seeking that the case against them before a magistrate court be quashed.

Three persons – a mother, her son and daughter-in-law – had deposited the title deeds of the property with the bank and taken the loan. When the loan was not repaid, the bank sought to take over the property but found the documents to be fake.
However, one A Purushottam approached the Debts Recovery Tribunal alleging that the two bank officers had accepted the forged documents as original and granted loans on it. He claimed to be the original owner of the property. That case is now pending before a division bench of the HC.

In the meantime, Purushottam also filed a complaint against the two bankers which is before the magistrate court. When they approached the HC against this case, their advocate argued that the bank had accepted the documents produced as security and there was no collusion between the officers and those who submitted them. It was only after the Forensic Science Laboratory found it to be bogus that even the bank came to know about it.

The HC directed them to argue their case for discharge before the lower court saying, “This court is confident that the court below would examine the circumstances with circumspection in so far as the petitioners are concerned, as their claim that they are innocent appears to be genuine. Incidentally it is also stated that the petitioners had assumed charge of their office after the documents had been deposited in the bank in which the petitioners are officers.”

credits Bangalore Mirror

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