Bangalore BBMP Elections 2015



BBMP Building


Bangalore went to poll on the 22nd August, 2015 to elect members of BBMP. BBMP stands for Bruhat Bangaluru Mahanagar Pallike. This a Government Organization responsible for administration of urban regions of Bangaluru. BBMP is run by a council of corporators who are elected by various localities or wards once in 5 years.

This time a total of 1121 candidates were in the field, soliciting votes from 198 wards.

The voter turnout was not definitely not great, as Bangalore voted in more numbers in the Assembly and Lok Sabha elections. 44% of the registered voters came out to vote. Counting begins on 25th August and the results will be announced the same day.

This election was held after the state government gave in to court orders. The state government was delaying the elections with a view on dividing the BBMP into 3 bodies.

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