Bangalore houses are not designed for Aircons

Bangalore: The extremely hot summer this year has come as an eye-opener to several Bengalureans who had no qualms about living on the top floor or seeking flats with terraces and French windows.

Lack of air-conditioners was not a deal-breaker or a priority.

However, with the temperature soaring, most people out to buy air conditioners (ACs) are disappointed on learning that they will have to make substantial modifications in their flats to install the machines.

Because of the cool weather that the city has enjoyed all these years, air conditioners have never been mandatory. As a result, most house-owners are looking at drilling holes in walls to accommodate split ACs or swapping large windows for smaller ones to fit window ACs.

Houses in Bengaluru are not designed around ACs. Once upon a time, fans were enough,” says architect Naresh V. Narasimhan. For people who cannot install air conditioners in their houses, Mr. Narasimhan suggests painting the terrace white or green.

All over the city, people have to come up with new ways to beat the heat.

“I have large windows in the house, which let in a lot of sunlight. I have put bamboo mats on the windows and balcony. This helps keep the heat out,” says Trisha M., a software development professional who lives on the top floor of an apartment block.

For those who can easily install an AC, the shift to artificial cooling is still forced.

 “Our house has good cross-circulation and we usually have a breeze blowing. This year though, the heat is just unbearable and the wind is also hot. We decided to curtain all the windows and install an AC,” says Shayla K., a resident of Jayanagar. Others are opting for portable coolers. “I could not convince my landlord to let me install an AC,” says Rohit Tiwari, who lives in Whitefield.

AC rental business booming

Cooler and AC rentals are increasing as the days get hotter. People renting out coolers are making a killing and have even taken to the Internet to advertise. “We see a lot of requests for coolers. Most people don’t know that ACs can be rented. We handle the delivery and installation and also the pickup after the rental is over,” says Shivu, who has a shop on Mission Road.

Houses in Bengaluru are not designed to accommodate air conditioners. Once upon a time, fans were enough.

Credits The Hindu

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