Bangalore property survey commences from Jayanagar…

Each property, road, open space, et al to be brought under a comprehensive survey, the first since 1965.

In the coming few weeks, massive work will get off the drawing board to measure each and every inch of Bengaluru‘s 800-odd sq km. After 1965, when the last city rural survey was carried out where agricultural lands, government properties and lakes were mapped, the city’s development has not been recorded in the survey documents.

Next week, surveyors armed with total stations and necessary equipment will march into one of the oldest areas — Jayanagar ninth block —and commence the survey work. Each and every residential property, commercial building, road, open space, et al will be mapped and brought under a comprehensive urban data layer. The last such survey was done in the 1960s when the city still had vast expanses of agricultural lands.

Why Jayanagar?

This is one of the oldest areas of the erstwhile Bangalore and the foundation of its layout was laid in 1948, according to the archives. One of the first planned neighbourhoods in south Bangalore, and also the largest extension in Asia, Jayanagar was ranked the most liveable area by a 2010 survey. Since it was the southern tip of the city, South End Circle was named. The area commands a big realty value and has the old world charm. Jayanagar ninth block is one of the prime neighbourhoods in the area, which has a mix of residential and commercial spaces where property owners have still maintained their crammed houses built over 20X30 feet plots, without falling to the lure of realtors and tempting offers. The properties date back to the City Improvement Board Trust and subsequently BDA when plots were allotted by these planning agencies.

“In 1965, the last city survey was done which was called the rural survey where agriculture land, lakes, and government land were recorded. In the subsequent years, as the city grew and properties increased, they were not recorded by the department. This is going to be one of the most comprehensive city documents for posterity. After completing Jayanagar ninth block, we will extend the project to the entire city,” commissioner, department of survey, settlement and land records, Munish Moudgil explained.


Primary control points with an 8-km by 8-km grid will be set up through digital GPS around the area, with fixed longitude and latitude points. Further down, within every km, secondary control points will be drawn and the marking will square down to specific properties. Owners will be asked to submit the photocopies of their original documents to the department and the exercise will be carried out with the help of local residents’ welfare associations. Once the property details are collated with BBMP’s record, an ownership document called Urban Property Ownership Record or title card will be issued along with the sketch.

Credits Bangalore Mirror

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