Bangalore’s Cubbon Park goes musical on Sunday mornings

While most are attracted to western music, 26-year-old Vipin Soni, who teaches law students at city colleges, wanted to focus on popularising Indian music along with his friends. Every Sunday, the group jams in the open at Cubbon Park, welcoming music lovers to join in.
Soni who works as a company secretary at ICSI, wanted to include different kinds of music in their jamming sessions. Something his two friends Rahul and Diwas wanted as well.

Talking about their open air musical sessions every weekend, Soni said, “India is a diverse country. The culture, dialect, cuisine and music change after every 100 kms. We want to bring that diversity to life during these sessions. We are working as a unit to connect the current generation to our roots.”

Focus on traditional music
Soni emphasis that the group wants to bring back traditional music, adding, “Our team creates its own music and practices it at the Cubbon Park every Sunday. We all gather at 9 am to explore music and reach out to those visiting the park around that time.”

Soni says that he first organised a meet up with some people interested in joining these open air sessions. Some of the jamming sessions were also conducted at his residence.

Over time even folk musicians joined the jamming sessions. “The reason we chose Cubbon Park is because it is in the center of the city. When folk music is played in the natural surroundings, it comes alive,” Vipin added.

Those interested in joining the group on Sundays at 9 am, contact Vipin Soni at 9738732165.

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