BBMP considering extension of cut off date for Akrama Sakrama scheme in Bengaluru

BENGALURU: BBMP is mulling to extend the cut-off date for regularisation of properties under the Akrama Sakrama scheme. The last cut off date was October 19, 2013 but now it is going to be extended to a recent date to give opportunity to more violators to regularise their properties and this will also fill the coffers for BBMP.

On Monday, KJ George, city development minister met the urban development department and BBMP officials to discuss the key issues related to implementation of the scheme. However, Chief Minister Siddaramaiah is going to a take a final call on the nitty-gritties in a meeting to be scheduled soon with cabinet ministers and fix timelines.

N Manjunath Prasad, BBMP commissioner said that three problematic issues were discussed in the meeting on how to implement the scheme. “First, the last cut-off date was October 2013. Then should we levy the fine for regularisation based on the guidance value as on 2013 or if we regularise them now, the fine will be calculated based on current guidance values of land. Also there would be many such buildings that have been built after the cut-off date that have violated building bye laws, how to regularize them? If we regularise these buildings that have come up new and violated laws, then should the fine be calculated based on current guidance value?”

The government is also likely to give three months to citizens to apply seeking regularisation and seek what type of violations have occurred. “But if the number of applications are not as high as we expect, we want authority to disconnect power and water to buildings that are illegal. But for this, we have to do a thorough survey. I suggested to have an empanelled team of architects to check the violation of building bye laws of building ward wise and put it out on public domain,” Prasad said.

A third issue that citizens might face is that of regularizing buildings on agricultural land that have not been converted and this requires conversion from deputy commissioner’s office. Officials said that instead of having citizens run from pillar to post, they can submit all the relevant applications to BBMP alone. Palike officials will do the rest but it might take six months or so.

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