BBMP identifies 20K property tax defaulters owing Rs.965 crores

BENGALURU: Over 20,000 property tax defaulters are yet to pay Rs 965 crores this year, claims BBMP. This includes fines and arrears too. It was revealed during a meeting with Bengaluru Development minister K J George with BMRDA, BBMP and BDA on Tuesday.

BBMP Commissioner N Manjunatha Prasad said that already 18.5 lakh properties have been identified for tax payment and it has mopped Rs 1960 crores from 15.14 lakh properties till the second quarters of the fiscal year.

The minister exhorted the BBMP to explore the possibilities of outsourcing the tax collection so that more revenue could be generated. On generating revenue through advertisements, George suggested to file criminal cases against those who advertise illegally. He also advised the BBMP to identify some places exclusively for Kannada Films at concessional rates and for political parties. He wanted the BBMP to encourage more of flexes and ban paper posters. On the contrary, BBMP had raised demand notice for 5427 advertisers to collect Rs 321 crores from them.

Credits ET Realty

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