BBMP ordered to remove unauthorised shops and provide parking space for Namma Metro commuters

The High Court on Monday disposed of a petition by a local resident of Vijayanagar seeking to evict unauthorised occupation of the service roads and footpath in the area and footpaths by hawkers. The petition had also sought a direction to BBMP to provide parking space for vehicles to the commuters of Namma Metro. The HC directed the BBMP to consider the representation and give an opportunity to respond to all concerned and then take a decision on the issue. It has, however, not given a deadline for this process.

Desai H Hemesh Babu, a resident of Vijayanagar, filed the PIL. It was alleged that the footpath and service roads to the main road had been occupied by hawkers who had built permanent and semi-permanent structures on it. Several representations were given to the civic authority but no action was ever taken. The petition said that vegetable, fruits and food vendors were in unauthorised occupation of the footpath. It was contended that the BBMP as per Section 58 of the Karnataka Municipal Corporations Act was obliged to remove obstructions and projections in or upon streets, bridges and other public places.

The court was told that the general public were unable to walk on the service road due to the absence of the footpath that was encroached. The adjoining Vijayanagar Main Road had heavy traffic movement and both two and four-wheelers entered the service road making it impossible for pedestrians to use the roads.

A Sunday bazar was being held every week that was adding to the chaos and traffic problem. With a Namma Metro station coming up in the vicinity recently, commuters were parking vehicles in front of residential homes causing nuisance and fistfights every day.

Credits Bangalore Mirror

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