BDA’s Sajjepalya layout flops

The Bangalore Develo­pment Authority (BDA) can now officially wrap up its Sajjepalya Layout plans. Almost everything that could go wrong while forming a new layout went wrong for this project.

The BDA had planned to acquire 225 acres for this layout in Nagarbhavi, but after years, was left with just 20 acres – and now even that is set to go out of the authority’s hands. The High Court has said that “the entire attempt to form the layout stood frustrated”, and even this land should go back to the original owners.

Last year, several land owners had approached the HC against acquisition of their land. The preliminary notification was issued for the layout at Sajjepalya in Nagarbhavi in 1987 and the final notification came in 1996. The BDA’s attempt was shoddy from the very beginning. The 225 acres in the preliminary notification was reduced to 160 acres in the final notification. The award money was passed only for 98 acres. Another notification was issued for 44 acres. And after denotifications, only around 20 acres were left. The land owners contended that a layout “ought to be substantially implemented within a period of five years”, which means that more than half of the land originally notified should be used. But in this case, the land available itself was only a small percentage of the land originally notified.

The land owners had challenged the acquisition of land earlier too, but had failed after the matter reached the Supreme Court. But in the second instance last year, they urged a new question before the HC, “that the land available is only a small percentage of land originally notified for acquisition”. The HC last year ruled that “the scheme has been abandoned or rather it has lost the original form for the purpose of implementation and cannot, therefore, be substantially implemented as required by law”. The land was returned to several land owners who had approached the court.

The BDA had appealed against this in the HC. A division bench on January 5 dismissed the appeal in three different cases against the land owners, thus, putting an end to the Sajjepalya Layout plans.

Credits Bangalore Mirror

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