BMC amends land rules for affordable housing

MUMBAI: The planning committee’s report on the draft Development Plan-2034 is likely to help BMC create more affordable houses than the 10 lakh planned earlier. For, it has renamed no-development zones (NDZ) as special development zones (SDZ).

In the plan submitted to the mayor, the panel allowed smaller SDZ plot owners to develop their land after surrendering a portion of it for affordable housing and open space. Initially, the planner only allowed bigger plot owners to develop their plots after sharing a portion of it with BMC to help create 10 lakh affordable houses.

In the Development Plan-1991, the NDZ comprised mainly coastal areas. Under the draft DP-2034, the NDZ has been divided into natural areas (NA) and SDZ. While no development will be allowed in NA, conditional development will be allowed in SDZ considering the city’s future need for affordable housing. Out of the total 13,000 hectares of NDZ as per DP-1991, around 11,500 hectares is marked as NA in the DP-2034. Of the remaining, 248.07 hectares is proposed as SDZ -1 and 1773.43 hectares under SDZ-2.

SDZ-1 would include encumbered lands that have slums. Here, reservations such as 15% mandatory open space, schools and hospitals will apply. And SDZ-2 will include unencumbered lands where provisions of public open spaces, social amenities and affordable housing have been made.

The DP-2034 will allow the land owners to build saleable houses on 34% of their plots by utilizing FSI of the entire plot. They will have to construct affordable homes and social amenities on 33% of plot and hand it over to BMC, and set aside 33% for public open spaces.

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