BMC proposes upto 30% ROS to maintain ground water level

MUMBAI: The BMC proposes that builders must keep 30% of every building’s recreational open spaces (ROS) on the ground in a natural state without paving it to ensure rain water percolates and maintains the ground water level.

Explaining the significance of the measure proposed in the revised draft development control regulations, officials said maintaining ground water level will ensure that in future, during water problems, societies can dig bore wells to use the water. This step will be in addition to the rain water harvesting that the BMC is promoting in the revised draft DP.

There is a lot of manipulation on ROS and often, builders ask for concessions on it, said the officials.

Generally, the recreational open space should be a garden, but often sport utilities are constructed on it or it is turned into concretized gardens. “So we are making this provision. To provide a certain portion of the ROS as natural area that will help maintain the ground water level,” said one officer.

Builders need to keep a certain percentage of a building plot for ROS. The draft DP seeks that a builder constructing on a plot measuring 1,001 sq m to 2,500 sq m keep 15% for ROS. It’s 20% if the area is between 2,501 sq m to 10,000 sq m, and 25% if above 10,000 sq m.

The civic authority will place the revised draft DP before the general body of municipal corporators on Friday. On Tuesday, it will start the mandatory procedure of receiving suggestions/objections from citizens. Afterwards, the BMC will send the final draft to the state government for approval.

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