BMC to use a small portion of salt pan land for affordable housing

MUMBAI: After a hue and cry over the BMC’s proposal to use salt pan plots in the city for construction of affordable homes, urban planners have hinted at taking smaller land parcel for the same.

The Development Control Regulations (DCR) of the draft Development Plan (DP) 2034 has proposed using 260 hectares of salt pan land for affordable housing. The DCR, which is yet to be finalized, has suggested using plots from no-development zones (NDZ), tourism development areas (TDA), salt pan land and the Mumbai Port Trust (MbPT) to be used for creation of one million affordable homes in the city across the next 20 years apart from housing development authority land.

Activists and experts had criticized the civic body’s move as NDZs and salt pan land act as buffers for the city during the monsoon. “The total salt pan land in Mumbai is 2,177 hectares, out of which 1,747 comes in the costal regulation zones I, II, III and forest land,” said retired IAS officer Ramanath Jha, who is heading the revision process of the draft Development Plan (DP).

“The developable land is 430 hectares and out of it what we have proposed in the DCR for affordable housing is 260 hectares. Currently, 50-100 hectares of the same has already been encroached upon,” he added.

Jha said the civic body may propose that a smaller land parcel of salt pan plots be used for affordable housing.

Municipal commissioner Ajoy Mehta said that the target of building one million homes could be met by making the land cost zero. “This is one of the ways in which we plan to meet our targets,” said Mehta.

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