Bovine gift on purchase of plot near Hyderabad

Who could have guessed that real estate incentives like gold coins, cars and free maintenance would one day be passe, and a cow would take their place? With the country going nuts over the animal, a real estate company thought it would be a good time to milk the opportunity.

A unique real estate venture in the holy town of Yadagirigutta near Hyderabad is offering a high-yielding Holstein Friesians (HF – crossbred) cow worth Rs 70,000 as gift to its customers who buy a 400 square yards plot for Rs 3.5 lakh.

For those who can’t take care of the cow, the company’s subsidiary will take the animal back on lease for a term of seven years at a monthly ‘rent‘ of Rs 3,000. “We will transfer the rent amount to the customer online. After 84 months, we will buy the cow for Rs 50,000, for which we give an undertaking on a Rs 100 stamp paper at the time of signing the lease agreement,” said S Ramakrishna, one of the directors of the company.

According to Ramakrishna, more people today are aspiring to own a cow. “But they cannot keep and maintain the animal in their backyards. Owning a cow and getting income from it is the additional benefit they get from us,” he said.

An HF cow can produce 20-25 litres of milk a day. The company, which says it would earn Rs 15,000 a month from each cow, is also insuring every cow at its own cost, in the name of the owner. “In the case of an adversity, the owner will get the insured amount directly from the nationalised insurance company,” the promoters said.

The project has 500 plots on offer and so the number of cows to be given away is also 500. Each cow will have an insurance tag on its left ear, which will stand as permanent identification. Those willing to maintain the cow on their own are free to take the gifted cow home. But, those giving the cow on lease should also give their plot for lease for growing fodder and other commercial plants that fetch extra revenue at the end of 7th and 10th years.

“We are also looking at setting up cow urine processing unit and byproducts manufacturing in the next phase,” the developer said.

Credits Bangalore Mirror

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