Builder compensates farmers for inundation of their fields in Goa

PANAJI: Ten farmers from Taleigao were surprised after a builder compensated them adequately for inundation of their fields with waste water resulting into crop loss, but the cultivators have urged panchayat to prevent such incidents in future.

Water pumped out from a nearby construction site at Agrant, Taleigao (TOI report, December 18, 2016) disrupted their farming activities as the fields were rendered uncultivable due to release of pollutants.

Traditional farming families wait till late November or early December for the water to drain out to grow crops of sweet potatoes, chillies and vegetables, organically. But this season, a builder carrying out excavations for underground parking released huge quantities of water in their fields, sources said.

“These farmers relying on their crops for their livelihood have received fair compensation,” Xavier Almeida of Save Taleigao Front said. But the fields have not dried out as yet and farmers are not sure of growing any crops this season. “We will have to wait and see if fields dry up,” a farmer said.

The farmers and the Front members have appreciated Taleigao panchayat’s intervention on the issue of flooding of Agrant fields. “But the builders should ideally carry out the civil works of underground parking in April-May when the water table recedes,” Almeida said.

A few projects have been proposed in the area and farmers are worried. They have written to the panchayat to ensure that the fields are not flooded with waste water.

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