Builders provide free meals to workers to expedite construction

NOIDA: In a bid to keep construction work flowing and not be affected by the cash crunch, a handful of builders have started distributing free meals to labourers to keep them engaged on site. Most builders have not been able to pay their workers over last one week due to the currency crisis. Contract labourers on daily wages are usually paid in cash.

“At our various projects, we have started giving three full meals to 2800 labourers on site. As we are not being able to pay wages, we are at least taking responsibility for their meals. This way the work will continue and the workers will not be affected adversely because of the cash crunch,” Amit Modi, MD ABA Corp, vice president Credai Western UP told TOI.

The migrant labourers who come to work at various construction sites usually live in the vicinity for the construction with their families. Noida and Greater Noida presently has over 300 construction sites. The city has over 50,000 workers engaged in these projects.

“Given the present situation, we urge all the builders to take initiative and support the labourers with meals as long as cash cannot be disbursed. The labourers are entirely dependent on the daily wages. Their families live with them. If we do not support them, then the entire construction process will suffer. So in a humane gesture, we have started the drive at all our own projects and we urge all other builders to do the same,” Modi added.

Construction at various projects have taken a hit following the demonetization of Rs 500 and Rs 1000 notes. As labour wages are paid is direct cash, labourers were seen stranded at various labour pick up points of the city. “Unlike raw material, which can still be procured with cheques, labour wages cannot be paid in cheques. So a slight slowdown in construction has taken place at certain sites, but this is only a temporary situation, and should become normal soon,” Credai members reiterated.

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