CAF demands third party evaluation of irregular properties in Bengaluru

With the state government all set to issue new notification for the Akrama-Sakrama scheme, the petitioners who challenged the project in courts feel that there would be no transparency during its implementation and warned of corruption by BBMP officials.

Therefore, DS Rajashekar, president of Citizens’ Action Forum (CAF), has demanded third party evaluation of properties that have deviated from construction norms. He also demanded that the BBMP announce a time-bound implementation of the scheme.

“In Bengaluru alone, around 2 lakh properties may fall under the scheme; but during implementation, engineers may start ransom collection which will negate the main intention of the scheme. CAF will write to government and even to the Bengaluru development minister seeking third party assessment,”he said.

Rajashekar also warned of corruption during the assessment and said it was not possible that all the residential properties in city have a deviation of 50 per cent and commercial properties have 25 per cent. He also raised doubts on present engineers working efficiently towards their duties.

“These engineers have already allowed rampant illegal and deviated construction in city and asking them to assess is like giving key in the hand of thieves. It is not possible for BBMP commissioner to visit and inspect each and every deviated property in city and he has to depend fully on the engineers. These engineers will threaten and collect ransom from the property owners,” he said.

Rajashekhar, who is not happy with the High Court order which had dismissed his petition, said that once the order copy was with them, they were even planning to file a review petition in Supreme Court. Meanwhile, the urban development department is expected to issue a fresh notification in a week’s time.

“We are yet to get the High Court order copy. As the Akrama-Sakrama has to be implemented statewide, the government will sit together and issue order shortly so that the larger community gets benefit out of it,” said an officer attached to the department.

Credits Bangalore Mirror

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