Chandigarh using drones to map property

CHANDIGARH: The UT administration has started using drones to not only map and measure each and every property in the city but also to keep an eye on building violations and encroachments, making it first in the country to do so.

The administration is taking the help of PEC University of Technology and IIT, New Delhi, to conduct the aerial survey, which is likely to be completed by March next year. According to officials, the drone mapping would be done in phased manner and that it has already been initiated in Sector 7 on a pilot basis. All the drone-mapped properties of Chandigarh would be digitalized at the end of this project.

“Chandigarh is the first city in the country to start such a project. Using drones is not only cost-effective in measuring properties but also a lot better. Our aim is to map each and every corner/dimension of all properties in Chandigarh,” said deputy commissioner Ajit Balaji Joshi. “We will develop highly responsive Geographical Information System (GIS) that will make it possible to retrieve the details of each and every property in Chandigarh at a single click,” said Joshi.

 According to UT officials, it will also help in collecting data to generate high-resolution 3D maps and images of the City Beautiful and which will be used to detect building violations and encroachments. “We will use the 3D-GIS maps for detecting architectural changes in the city buildings by superimposing the already existing cadastral maps of Chandigarh over the drone 3D maps. This will make it possible for us to easily detect building violation or encroachments that have taken place over time,” added a UT official.

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