CHB allows transfer of freehold housing units

In a major relief to city residents, Chandigarh Housing Board (CHB) decided to ease transfers of dwelling units under all existing transfer policies of the board.

There are around 64,000 CHB dwelling units spread across 15 sectors in the city, including Sectors 38 (West), 29, 41 40, 44, 43, 45,47 and Modern Housing Complex.

 At present, the allottees can sell their properties after getting them converted from leasehold to freehold under the Chandigarh Conversion of Residential Leasehold land Tenure into Freehold Land Tenure Rules, 1996.
The persons, who have got properties transferred in their names under the above said policies of the CHB, are not in a position to further alienate their properties.

The existing policy does not allow subsequent transfers of dwelling units of CHB. In view of transferees adopting illegal means of transferring their properties by way of executing general power of autonomy (GPA), mortgage deeds and on the persistent demand of the general public, CHB has decided to allow subsequent transfers of dwelling units under all existing transfer policies of CHB.

CHB Resident Federation secretary Rajat Malhotra termed it as a people-friendly decision.

In last few months, the board has taken several decisions for benefit of allottees such as allowing owners to make any internal changes within four walls, that too, without taking approval and removing the condition of lock-in-period in all types of transfer cases of dwelling units allotted by the CHB.

To usher in transparency in its dealing and to enhance confidence of general public in delivery of services, CHB also decided that all the non-tatkal applications for transfer of properties and other services would be dealt only on the basis of first in and first out. The board also abolished the system of interviews for processing transfers applications. In order to streamline the transfer process and to avoid harassment of the general public, the board changed the process for transfer of properties.

Credits Indian Express

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