CIDCO rakes Rs.190 crores for 8 plots near proposed airport at Navi Mumbai

NAVI MUMBAI: Eight Cidco plots located in Kharghar, New Panvel and Kalamboli on Thursday raked in almost Rs 190 crore through sale by tender to highest bidders.

The plots are situated within the vicinity of the proposed airport at Navi Mumbai.

Two Kharghar plots fetched Rs.1.37 lakh per sq mt and Rs.1.22 lakh per sq mt while two plots in New Panvel fetched Rs.1.13 lakh per sq mt and 1.02 lakh per sq mt.

Rajesh Prajapati, a developer from Navi Mumbai told media that all plots had received good response with multiple bids.“The prices at which plots have been sold belie any negative fallout of demonetisation on Navi Mumbai’s property market,“ said Prajapati.

Credits ET Realty

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