Citizens may blow the whistle on property under-construction

Every time an earth caving in incident takes place, an advisory is released by the Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike but it is also the responsibility of the common man to ensure that the builder has taken all precautionary measures during construction.

People can obtain a copy of the sanctioned plan from the BBMP and keep an eye on its construction to see that building bye-laws are followed. According to BBMP officials, during sanctioning of the plan, 41 conditions are handed over to the builder, which they have to follow until the building is awarded an occupancy certificate.

Some of these conditions are:

* The purpose of the building – residential or commercial – will clearly be mentioned along with the proposed number of floors to be constructed.

* The levels or slots marked for car park should not be converted for any other purpose.

* Necessary ducts for running telephone cables, cubicles at the ground level for postal services and space for dumping garbage within the premises shall be provided.

* The applicant (builder) shall construct temporary toilets for the use of construction workers and demolish them after the construction.

* The applicant shall insure all workmen involved in the construction work against any accident or untoward incident arising during the time of construction.

* The applicant shall not pile up building materials or debris on footpaths or roads or drains. The debris shall be removed and transported to a nearby dumping yard.

* The applicant or builder is prohibited from selling the setback area or open spaces and the common facility areas, which shall be accessible to all tenants and occupants.

* The applicant shall provide space for locating distribution transformers and associated equipment as per the KERC (Es&D) code three metres from the building within the premises.

* The applicant shall maintain during construction such barricading as considered necessary to prevent dust, debris and other materials endangering the safety of people or structures in and around the site.

* The applicant shall plant at least two trees in the premises.

* Permission shall be obtained from the forest department for cutting trees before the commencement of work.

* Licence and approved plans shall be posted in a conspicuous place of the licenced premises. The building licence and copies of sanctioned plans with specifications shall be mounted on a frame and displayed prominently and they shall be made available during inspections.

* The building shall be constructed under the supervision of a registered structural engineer.

* On completion of the foundation or footings, and before erection of walls on the foundation and in the case of columnar structure before erecting the columns a ‘commencement certificate’ shall be obtained.

* Drinking water supplied by BWSSB should not be used for the construction activity of the building.

* The applicant shall ensure that no inconvenience is caused to neighbours in the vicinity of construction and that the construction activities shall stop before 10.00pm to avoid hindrance during late hours.

* A traffic management plan shall be obtained from the area traffic management consultant for all high-rise structures, which shall be got approved by the competent authority if necessary.

Credits Bangalore Mirror

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