Commercial activity can be carried out in residential areas in Lucknow

LUCKNOW: Commercial establishments will spring in major residential areas of the city with state government authorising Lucknow Development Authority to allow them in localities developed by them. Around 45% colonies in the city have been developed by LDA and with the order coming into effect, shops, banks, hotels or schools may be established by landlords in their houses after seeking permission from LDA.

LDA’s board meeting on Wednesday said approval would be case-specific and powers to take the call would be vested with LDA’s vice chairman. Additional secretary Seema Singh said, “Earlier, such cases were brought before the board for approval, which took a lot of time. Now, the government has authorised LDA VC to take the call.”

Before approval, LDA would issue public notice inviting objections and suggestions from people. After a month’s time, LDA VC will solicit public opinion before giving permission. LDA officials said, “If there is land use change in master plan, the proposal has to be approved at state government level but if land use has to be changed within LDA colonies, it doesn’t need government approval as LDA can approve it at its own end.”

Those applying for commercial activities in LDA developed colonies need to pay a certain impact fee to LDA for approval, which depends on the kind of land use change. For example, to establish a bank branch, one will have to pay 50% of 25% of the property’s value as impact fee, while for a school, hotel, hospital or a nursing home, one would have to pay 25% of the property’s value as impact fee to LDA.

There are also rules regarding what percentage of a building’s area can be covered under commercial setup, depending on the type of venture. A showroom may be allowed to cover only 30% of a house, a bank can cover maximum 50% area while small convenient shops like grocery, parlours, mobile-recharge shops, clinics, nursing homes can be allowed 60% coverage in a house.

Prominent colonies developed by LDA include Janakipuram, Aliganj, Mahanagar, Gomtinagar, Kanpur Road and Sitapur Road Yojna. In August, LDA said people need to abide by certain norms like minimum road-width in front of house, FAR (floor-area ratio) limits, parking facility and minimum impact on surroundings to seek the approval.


Rules to set up commercial establishment in LDA residential colony:

Guest houses, lodges, eateries, small cottage industries can be opened on minimum 18m wide road

Cinema halls, banks, hotels can be opened on min 24m wide road

For starting commercial activity in a residential colony, one should keep ample parking facility

A bank needs to pay 25% of 50% property’s value as impact fee to LDA for conversion

A school, hospital, lodge, hotel or a nursing home would pay 25% of 25% value as impact fee

A showroom can cover 30% of a house while a bank can cover maximum 50% area

Small shops of grocery, parlour, mobile-recharge, clinics can cover 60% house area

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