Construction cess can be used by builders to skill their employees

NEW DELHI: The real estate and construction industry should use construction cess to skill its labour force and improve productivity, said Shankar Aggarwal, secretary, ministry of labour & employment.

Aggarwal said that between Rs 25,000 to Rs 26,000 crore collected from various real estate and construction firms as cess over the last two decades has been lying idle and could be utilized for providing skills to the labour force.

He was addressing the national convention of real estate industry body NAREDCO in New Delhi.

The official pointed out that the government alone cannot provide skills and urged builders to come forward and begin to skill the labour they engaged to fulfil their construction needs, which in turn will also improve the quality of construction.

“Skilling should be the responsibility of private sector also whereas the job of providing certification to endorse skills should be performed by the government as it is going to happen based on which those that acquire skills are made employable in any industry including real estate and construction,” he said.

Credits ET Realty

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