Construction debris being heaped on open plots in Pune

PUNE: There is a dark side to the booming real estate development in Baner and Balewadi. Local residents are forced to put up with the mess and dust of construction debris left behind by labourers and builders of posh high-rises in the area. Large heaps of debris turn up overnight at open and abandoned plots, with no explanation of where they came from, and little guidance as to the correct place and method for disposal.

The debris – concrete, bricks, stones and dug-up earth, pipes, plastic waste, PVC and electrical waste – dumped on open plots is not only an eyesore, but also, poses a safety hazard for locals, who claim complaints made to the Pune Municipal Corporation are closed with token assurances that the matter would be pursued with the builders responsible.

Citizens urge the municipal corporation to immediately formulate a policy on disposal of construction waste.

Area resident Sameer Chimurkar said, “An open plot belonging to the Pune Municipal Corporation, behind Samrat Ashok Society in Veerbhadranagar in Baner has been encroached by a builder, who is using it to dump his construction material. In fact, the builder even lets out this land to others. I have complained twice online to the Pune Municipal Corporation, which responded by saying that they have sent a notice to the builder, but nothing has happened till now.”

Sheela Kochhar is another resident affected by the indiscriminate dumping of construction debris, said. “We stay in a twin bungalow opposite Daffodil International School. An open plot here is being used as a dumping ground by builders, private bungalow owners, residents and even the municipal corporation. There are old cement pipes, building debris, tree logs and garbage of all types strewn about,” Kochhar said.

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