Construction within prohibited zone in full swing near Charminar

HYDERABAD: The Charminar heritage precinct has been assaulted yet again. To be precise, thrice in less than two months.

The over 420-year old historic structure, currently in the custody of the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI), is protected by the Archaeological Monuments and Ancient Sites and Remains (AMASR) Act which protects, prohibits and regulates construction activity corresponding to the distance from the site.

The latest incident came to light on Thursday when the archaeology department noticed construction activity in full swing within the 200 metre prohibited zone. The under-construction building is on the west of Gulzar Houz, towards the Sehr-e-Baatil Kamaan. At least three masons were seen working on the topmost storey. The structure, prima facie, bears the semblance of a commercial building. According to ASI sources, details such as property number and owner’s name are being sought from the Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC). Once this is done, a show cause notice will be sent.

Cracking the whip on another unauthorised construction, the ASI has sent a notice to M A Hafeez, proprietor of premises bearing number 23-4-63, on the east of Charminar. The notice invokes section 38 (1) of the AMASR Act of 1959, which instructs the owner to “remove“ the newly construction portions. Similarly, two separate notices were sent to one Vishwanath, who owns a structure bearing number 22-5-302 and to a person identified as Srivivas who is the proprietor of 22-5-297 98.“The notice to M A Hafeez was sent on October 26. And it was on November 1 that show cause notices were sent to both Vishwanath and Srinivas. So far we have not received any response from the three persons,” said Charminar conservation assistant V Gopala Rao.

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