Creches at workplace to curb attrition among women staff

Coimbatore: The national women’s policy, with special chapters on single women and creche facility to curb high attrition rates among working mothers, would be introduced soon, said national commission for women chairwoman Lalitha Kumaramangalam on Tuesday.

Citing high attrition rates among working women aged between 25 and 30 years, Lalitha said the policy would focus on facilitating creche facility both in organised and unorganized sectors. She was in the city to address a two-day workshop organised at Amrita University on the issues and difficulties of women-headed families while carrying out their responsibilities.

“A large chunk of working women population between the age of 25 and 30 years quit their job during pregnancy and focus on bringing up the child. This needs to be addressed through a policy on creche,” Lalitha said.

She pointed out that some corporates have already set up childcare facilities on their premises and it has helped them curb attrition rates. “Corporates feel that it is better to have a creche set-up on their premises, rather than allowing them (women) to quit,” she added.

The policy, which Lalitha said was in its nascent stage, would mainly focus on women working in unorganised sector. “While some corporates have taken steps in this direction, the policy will try to help women who are agriculture labourers, construction workers and daily-wage labourers,” the NCW chairperson said.

Credits Times of India

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