DLF phase III, Gurgaon has civic problems galore

GURGAON: When 16 years ago DS Mittal and his wife left their house in Delhi’s upscale Greater Kailash area to live in Gurgaon’s DLF phase III, little did he know that he will be writing letters to officials at the age of 74 trying to get his locality’s road fixed, almost daily.

Mittal, the son of a freedom fighter and a professional consultant, lives in a sprawling bungalow situated in W block of DLF phase III. But his time in this house has been far from comfortable. The reason being he has to battle a severe traffic jam every morning and evening on the arterial road, which connects NH-8 around the Ambience mall and comes out at MG Road near Neelkanth hospital.

“The road has been in a pathetic state for more than six months now. Sometimes they come and patch it up at some places, but it has not been properly constructed since the last monsoon when it was destroyed completely,” says Mittal. The Moulsari Avenue-Siris Road has become the arterial road for people who want to bypass NH-8 to get to the other part of the city and witnesses heavy traffic jams every day.

Mittal has exhausted all forums to voice this extraordinary traffic jam of which he has been a victim. He and the people living in DLF phase III are harrowed on a daily basis when they are stranded for hours in traffic jams just a few hundred metres away from their houses. “There are no traffic signals or traffic management in this area,” says Raja Chopra, another resident of the same block, and Mittal’s neighbour.

Another resident Praveen Bhatia says they have to sometimes walk down these roads for making their way through the traffic to reach home. “If we stay in the car, we reach home hours later. We tell our driver to get the car home, and he reaches 30 to 45 minutes later,” he says.

Explaining the local topography, Mittal says there a few changes which will make the situation much smoother. “The first of which is to check the parking on the sides of the roads. This increases because of the illegal shops and eateries situated on land which is supposed to be a green belt. Another reason is the cars that come to the nearby BPO offices are parked haphazardly, further narrowing the scope of passage on an already constricted road,” he says.

A little ahead of the Moulsari Avenue Rapid Metro station is huge pile of earth dug out to repair a water pipeline which lies on the road. This pit has not been filled for the last six months and leads to restricted passage, apart from posing a risk of falling by accident.

There are also not a single traffic light, making it easier for drivers to criss-cross around, worsening the traffic on most days.

The problem in maintaining and repairing this area has also arisen because of the conflict between DLF and the MCG, and there is still no clarity on who is supposed to look after the maintenance of these areas. The residents claim they pay the maintenance charges to DLF and the MCG has also collected house tax from them. In spite of this, they had to pool in funds to get street lamps installed in their colony. When contacted, MCG commissioner TL Satyaprakash said, “There are multiple issues to be resolved before the area can come under the MCG. As no completion certificate has been issued, it is still a private township.”

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