DLF tops the most reputed realty brand list

A total of 57 Real Estate brands were listed in the India’s Most Reputed Real Estate Brands report, which saw 28 brands from Mumbai, 14 from Delhi, 10 from Bangalore, three from Pune, and one each from Chennai and Hyderabad. This report is the third in India’s Most Reputed Brands series. The study evaluates brand reputation by analysing media perception and consumer perception.

“Realty in India is intimately connected to progress, to growth, to business success, and to the asset building of its populace. Though real estate investments in the coming years may not give the returns it has been giving for the last two decades, this can only be seen as a sign of the maturity of the industry. Maintaining a good reputation in this competitive sector is a tough task, as the industry is intricately connected to social status, finances, and foresightedness. Consequently, brands need to be certain about the risks they take, as it may just result in them losing their hard-earned and hard-fought reputations,” Pooja Kaura, chief spokesperson for India’s Most Reputed Brands said in a statement.

Credits The Hindu Business Line

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