Documents to be verified before buying any property

With immense growth in the real estate sector coupled with friendly home loan policies, buying a house is no longer a challenge. However, besides the usual research regarding the property sites, prices and builders, one must also be aware of the crucial legal documents needed before investing in any project. A thorough check of these documents can not only caution you about fraudulent projects, but also help in the smooth transitioning of ownership from the builder to the buyer.

Here is the list of property documents that need to be verified before investing in any property.

1. Sales Deed This is the most important legal document related to buying and selling of property. It acts as a proof of sale and transfer of ownership from the buyer to the seller. A sales deed must be mandatorily registered. Also before executing this deed, one must make sure that the sales agreement has been carried out and that there is absolute compliance with respect to all the terms and conditions that were agreed upon between the buyer and seller. In addition, it must be checked that the property under consideration bears a clear title. In the absence of this confirmation, a Sales Deed cannot be executed.

2. Mother Deed Also known as the parent document, Mother Deed traces the origin or the antecedent ownership of the property from the start, provided the property has had previous owners. This document is also critical for establishing new ownership, if the property has to be sold further. If for some reason this deed is not available, it is important to obtain certified copies from the registering offices. Also the Mother Deed should record references of previous ownerships in a sequence that is both continuous and unbroken.

3. Approval plan for the building. A prospective buyer must make sure that the building plan has been approved by jurisdictional commissioner or any other officer that has been authorized by the commissioner.

4. Commencement Certificate This certificate is a legal document that is issued by the local authorities to the builder after they have inspected the site in question. This document basically indicates that the project meets all the pre-determined guidelines as set by the government. In the absence of this certificate, the site is considered illegal.

5. Conversion Certificate This certificate is issued by the revenue authority giving permission to convert or use agricultural land for non-agricultural purposes. In addition, a NOC (non-objection certificate) also needs to be obtained from the Tahsildar to use the land/site for residential purpose.

6. Khata Khata which means “account” consists of a Khata certificate and a Khata extract. A Khata certificate is a mandatory document that is needed for registration of the new property and transfer of ownership, while the Khata extract consists of the property details as given by the assessment registrar.

7. Encumbrance Certificate (EC) EC consists of all the transactions that are done on the property during the time period for which it is filed. Therefore, it highlights any mortgages, title transfers or any other legally registered transactions that impact the property.

8. Power of Attorney (POA) This legal document authorizes another individual, other than the property owner, to act on his behalf in matters related to the property.

9. Tax Receipts These will ensure that the builder has paid all taxes related to the property until the date of sale.

10. Completion Certificate and Occupancy Certificate. The completion certificate is issued by the municipal authority indicating that the building is in compliance with the approved plan and specifications, while the occupancy certificate states that the property meets all the specified norms and is ready to be lived in. Therefore, when buying a property, it is absolutely crucial to ensure that all the legal documents are in place and have been approved by the designated authorities. By being diligent right from the beginning, you can ensure a smooth takeover of your property.

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