Easy tips to liven up your abode

From Economic Times

Away from the daily hustle-bustle of life, your home is a cocoon where you seek solace, and it is never too late to revamp it in sync with your taste.

Try these home decor tips to transform your home into a haven of luxury without digging a hole in your pocket.

1. The method to the madness lies in construction

If you wish your house to celebrate opulence, then begin by concentrating on the methods of construction. The ambience of your dwelling largely depends upon the basics you opt for. Nilanjan Bhowal, Principal Architect, Design Consortium, says, “You can opt for an exposed brick wall to make it look more regal”.

Natural flooring with slate or Agra stone can add more rustic feel to the hall, and corridors. For bedrooms, wooden hand-flooring is a smart choice.

2. Colour my home

A home says a lot about your personality. So if you wish to give your residence a chic and urbane look, it is imperative to focus on the colours you paint your walls with.

For your hall, pick a neutral colour like cream (Shade: Starlight, 2009), beige (Shade: Souffle, 2017), grey (Shade: Goodnight, 2874) from the Nerolac paints range, and team it with gold (Shade: Yellow Topaz, 2690) or silver (Shade: Cricket Field, 2676).

Bringing in vibrancy through colours is easy and yet the quickest way to catch attention of your guests.

3. Add statement pieces

Rajat Singhi, founder and creative director of Address Home has some practical decor tips to ramp up the luxury quotient. “Statement pieces can jazz up the look of your house with minimum effort”, says Singhi.

From statues, sculptures, and lamps to candle-stands, photo-frames, and decor jars, these embellishments change the look of a place, and add a hint of luxury by roping in opulence.

4. Fab furnishings

Dress your home with fabrics and furnishings that are warm and welcoming. Though a house needs much attention for it to look grand, it does not take much time if you know how to team things together. Jazz up your space within minutes by adding cushion and chic covers.

For instance, if you have a rust-coloured sofa, team it up with gold, cream or orange coloured cushions.

5. Mix-and-match

Make sets of whatever you may buy for your home. For instance, a table speaks volumes once it is laid with well-matched tableware. Well co-ordinated cutlery turns an ordinary table into an emblem of luxury. Same goes for your bedroom decor. Pick out sets for your bed linen and see the magic as your room transforms into a cut-out from a decor magazine.

To raise the style quotient of your abode a notch higher, plan an idyllic amalgamation of fabrics and furnishings, and couple it with complimenting colours.

6. Painting on the wall

Another quick way to bring out the exuberance in a room is by adding paintings. A large-sized canvas painting set in a brass or carved wood frame is bound to make your house look grand.

Seems like revamping your abode is not a mammoth task after all! With these do-able tricks, you don’t have to shell out a ton to make your dream house a reality.

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