Elevators to grow smart…

NEW DELHI: The growing need to reduce carbon footprint and increasing acceptability of the green building concept is pushing the elevator manufacturing companies such as Otis India, Kone India, Schindler India and Hitachi to come up with smart and energy-efficient elevators.

Manual door elevators, which once formed a major part of the elevator market in India, are on decline, thanks to the growing awareness among customer and end-users, about safety and energy-efficiency. Its place is being taken by the smart elevators. A smart elevator is a connected elevator capable of communicating with passengers, building manager’s service staff and other building systems to improve the passenger experience and elevator performance, especially through improved elevator maintenance.

Amit Gossain, MD, KONE India says, “One of the emerging trends in the industry is collaborating on opportunities to enhance connectivity through the use of Internet of Things (IoT) products – services and technologies that employ digital technologies to better connect with customers and with elevator, escalator and moving walkway equipment.”

Sebi Joseph, President, Otis India too thinks the next developments in elevator technology leverage digitisation.

The acceptability by the real estate developers has been a major factor in bringing the change. “Real estate developers are increasingly adopting gearless and machine-room-less (MRL) elevators over the traditional elevators which require machine room on top of the building. This offers them more flexibility to design the building, and ensures an overall saving in cost and time,” says Parokaran. according to Antony Parokaran, CEO, Schindler India.

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