End red tapism and corruption in real estate industry: Delhi LG

Delhi Lt Governor Najeeb Jung today stressed on the need to combat red tapism and corruption in the real estate industry and said the government is committed to work with a “great deal of integrity and honesty”.

“There are difficulties with agencies as dishonesty is there in passing (building) plans. We must combat that reality. There is also a need to fight red tapism at all levels by the stakeholders,” he said inaugurating PHD Chamber’s conference on ‘Model Building Bye-laws, 2016’ on Friday here.


“The Government of India is committed to work with a great deal of integrity and honesty. In the current Prime Minister, we have a man who, except for commitment to the country, has no other interest,” Jung said. He also claimed that in three years of his tenure, which he completed yesterday, he did not experience any “dishonesty” while working as the Lt Governor of Delhi.

Terming the difficulties faced by people in buying homes as “unfortunate”, he said a share of the blame also lay on developers and planners and urged them to be “sensitive” to the buyers’ problems.

“Everybody needs money but I urge experts and other stakeholders to spare a thought to the people on the other side,” he said regarding delays in meeting delivery commitments to home buyers.

Holding developers and real estate industry as the “drivers” of India’s economic success, he pointed to “mutual hand-holding” among the stakeholders to meet the challenges.

“We are the talking story of the world now. All of you are drivers of that story. There should be a confidence for officials to make quick decisions and curbing the habit of shirking work and it will come about through mutual hand-holding among various stakeholders,” he said.

Credits Indian Express

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