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Well, let’s face it. Offices are boring and bland. All you normally come across in a typical office space are small cubicles, white walls, chairs with similar color, desks and a water cooler, where employees gather for a short round of gossip. And that’s about it!

But is it all that an office needs? As it turns out, a lot more. Many big organisations are shunning the typical stereotype office design to provide their employees with a more creative work environment to increase productivity and provide a few relaxing moments during working hours.

Some of these office design ideas may seem bizzare, expensive and even distracting at times, but these office design ideas have been adopted after a lot of thought, for a specific purpose. See, the human brain is not programmed to perform 9 to 5, Monday to Friday. Employees need to maintain their creativity, perform optimally and keep down their error rate.
If an organisation is able to provide its employees with a comfortable and homely work environment, it is bound to succeed. So here are 5 of the coolest offices in the world, Facebook, Google and Nokia included.

Facebook headquarters, Palo Alto, California
Facebook has many offices spread across the world, but the one featured here is its headquarter located at Palo Alto in California. Employees working here regularly run into Mark Zuckerberg and Sheryl Sandberg.
The office has been designed with lots of indoor and outdoor space. 12,000 employees work in the premises, so space can’t be compromised on.
The Facebook central office also has places where employees can have fun and mingle with each other.

Google headquarters, Mountain View, California
Although Google has 70 plus office spread across 40 countries, but Mountain View in California is the headquarter of the search engine giant. Google is known for its office designs and it is explained on their website: “Though no two Google offices are the same, visitors to any office can find a few common features: murals and decorations expressing local personality (talk about localization); Googlers sharing cubes, yurts and “huddles”; video games, pool tables and pianos; cafes and “micro kitchens” stocked with healthy food; and good old fashioned whiteboards for spur-of-the-moment brainstorming.”
Every room in the office is based of well-thought out themes. Employees can also be seen around playing basketball in the hallway. No wonder Fortune 500 has named Google as the number one workplace.
There’s even a slide in case you are late for a meeting. Google never fails to keep up with times, does it?

LEGO office, Billund, Denmark
There’s hardly anyone on the planet who is unfamiliar with LEGO, plastic construction toys we all played in our childhood and still continue to play with, even in our adulthood. So, how can their office be any less creative? Even they too have a slide for their employees in the office.
Dedicated gaming areas keep the employees energized throughout the day.
The designed workspace invokes a serious urge to build something.

Dropbox, San Fransisco, California
Dropbox is an online solution for storing files and photos, designed for individuals and businesses. In their field they are the most well known name with 500 million worldwide users and with a million files saved to their system each day.
And guess what? They have no offices in the premises for their 900 employees, but just open spaces, where they can be seen skating around. The employees are at liberty to work from anywhere they please.

Nokia headquarters, Espoo, Finland
The headquarters of Nokia are located at Espoo, on the outskirts of Finland’s capital Helsinki. While most of us became familiar with the name Nokia in the mid 90s when mobile phones arrived in India, Nokia has been in the technology businesses since 1865.
Usage of bright colors in the interiors of the office is signature, which the company claims promotes creativity.

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