Foolproof TDR policy for Karnataka… coming soon!

BENGALURU: The Karnataka government plans to completely revamp the soon-to-be-unveiled TDR policy, to ensure it’s attractive for land owners and also foolproof.

A senior urban development official said one of the main clauses will be that if TDR is generated at one place, it should be used in the same location.

“People cannot generate a low rate TDR and use it in a high-value area; that creates imbalance in development. No one should suffer. We will also allow the owner of the reserved plot to develop the imposed reservations, and in return, get additional benefits,” he added.

The new policy is also expected to provide clarity on the setback, one of the major stumbling blocks that had bothered residents in commercial and upscale residential areas. Setback refers to the minimum distance a builder is required to maintain between a building and road, or other neighbouring structures.

The proposed policy will link setback provisions with the height of the building. For example, in a building more than 15 metres tall, the builder has to leave a setback of 1m on each floor. But in case of TDR, the builder is required to leave just half-a-meter setback on every floor.

Additional chief secretary for the urban development department Mahendra Jain said that the new TDR policy is expected to be cleared by the law department in a couple of days. However, he said he is hopeful of unveiling the new policy before or during the budget session of legislature.

Urban development secretary V Ponnuraj said they have been holding a series of discussions over the past week to give final touches to the new TDR policy. “It’s a matter of time now,’’ he added.

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