For Bengaluru, property details will be available online

BENGALURU: Having revised property tax with effect from April 1, the BBMP will make all details of properties available on its website soon, said BBMP Taxation and Finance Committee Chairperson M Shivaraju.

Shivaraju told media there were at least 15 lakh properties under the BBMP limits. “We will upload the details of each property ward-wise on the BBMP website. The public can view it. We will get a clear picture on the payment from each ward and zone,” he said.

According to Shivaraju, the tax increase is 20 per cent for residential and 25 per cent for non-residential properties. “For instance, if a person if paying Rs 2,000 for a 30 feet by 40 feet house, he will pay Rs  2,400. We have not increased this in the past eight years,” he said.

Besides, the BBMP has developed a software which will enable people to pay tax online using debit or credit cards, RTGS and NEFT.

Unique Numbers for Hoardings

Similar to property identification numbers, the BBMP is planning to give unique identification numbers for hoardings. The HID numbers will help the public view the size, place and photo of the hoardings online.

Credits New Indian Express

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