Freedom fighters/dependents await plots since two years

DEHRADUN: Freedom fighters and their dependents are still awaiting for the plots promised to them by the state government two years ago. Under the scheme, yet to be executed in the city, land was to be given all those freedom fighters and their dependants who do not their own land in the state.

In Dehradun, this scheme is yet to be executed because of the lack of specified rules. Nagar nigam has a limited land bank from which these plots can be given to freedom fighters whereas they are getting applications from all over the state for participation in this scheme.

Nitin Bhaduria, commissioner nagar nigam, told TOI, “Although the government passed the order, it was not very clear about the premises. We have allocated land in the city for freedom fighters and their dependants but we are getting lots of applications from all over the state. We have asked the authorities to give us a mandate on the basis of which land should be given.”

At present, there are approximately 50 freedom fighters in the state who are still alive and of these, nine are in Dehradun. However, according to sources, as per records there are almost 6,500 freedom fighters or their dependants in Uttarakhand.

Surya Dev Jugran whose father participated in the freedom struggle during 1920-47, said, “My father Tota Ram Jugran went to jail several during the freedom struggle. He passed away in 1992 and it seems now that the government has forgotten his sacrifice. I applied for this scheme almost a year and a half ago but am yet to see any land. I am already 67 years old so after getting the plot it would take some time to construct a house on it and that’s the case with most of the dependants who have applied under this scheme. Government should take that into consideration and expedite the process.”

Dehradun has decided on giving land in Chironwali area where 100 square metre plots will be given to the applicants. Susheel Tyagi whose father, Kartar Singh was part of the Quit India Movement in 1942, said, “The state has a very small number of freedom fighters or their successors who do not have their own property. But the authorities are in a fix because everyone wants a piece of land in the city. In reality, the plots are supposed to be allotted in the freedom fighters’ native places but that has not come in writing so authorities are also not going ahead with the allocation.”

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