Futurists view of the new world…

What will tomorrow look like and what are the ideas that are likely to transform the world? “The future is not linear, but exponential,” said Stefan Hyttfors, Futurist and Speaker from Sweden, at the India Today Conclave 2016. From how technology will continue to transform lives to how certain categories of people, services and products will soon become obsolete, he outlined his vision for the future by focusing on trends that are likely to define the days to come.
Change will never again be so slow: Things will move at breakneck speed and before you know it, the new will overtake the old. For example, while Blockbuster was all the rage in the United States in the early 2000s, at that point they had not foreseen the power of live streaming or a future like Netflix which would eventually wipe it out. We are moving towards an age of demonetisation, digitisation and dematerialisation.
We won’t need stuff: A lot of the things we use today will become redundant in the near future much like the advent of the smartphone wiped out the need for almost 13 different devices like a music system, camera, etc.
Sharing is Caring: This philosophy will be key and will be an extension of the shared economy that’s currently in vogue. We are likely to see more of that trend being explored in the days to come in the form of AirBnB type sites and other shared assets.
Machines that drive: The smart car is almost here and soon a day will come when we will not have to rely on our driving skills but let the machine do the driving.
Humans will become machines: As we move from mobile to wearable to implantable devices, humans will embrace technology like never before.

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