Govt to reconsider bill proposing to shrink reserved area in layouts

Government had proposed shrinking the area reserved for playgrounds and parks from 15% to 10%, and civic amenities space from 10% to 5%

After opposition from the MLAs of BJP and JDS, the state government on Monday informed the assembly that it will review the amendment bill (the Karnataka urban development authorities’ amendment bill – 2016) revising the area reserved for parks and open spaces in the layouts formed by development authorities.

The state government had proposed shrinking the area to be reserved for parks and playgrounds from 15 per cent to ten per cent and civic amenities space from ten per cent to five percent. When the bill was tabled again for the approval, opposition party leaders took strong objection to the move.

Law minister T B Jayachandra defended the move of tabling the bill again after being returned by the Governor by saying that lower the space reserved for parks and civic amenities would held developmental authorities form layouts and allot them at very affordable rate. He also said that, at the present developmental authorities are finding it difficult to form layouts as the cost involved is very high and it is also helping illegal formation of layouts by private parties. However, opposition party leaders ridiculed the stand of government and withdraw the bill.

Opposition leader Jagadish Shettar said that developmental authorities should be work with a service motto and not like private entities for profit making. “Open spaces getting chocked in developed cities like Bengaluru. The decision of the government will have serious implication on nature.” Former law minister Suresh Kumar said, “Why should the state government follow private developers on reserving less space for parks. Instead it should increase existing open space to be reserved in the newly formed layouts.”

The governor while returning the previous bill passed in the legislature said, “The bill proposes to reduce the area to be reserved for public parks, play grounds and civic amenities, which substantially affects the essential basic rights of the citizens. Such reductions may lead to various problems such as air pollution, traffic congestion, etc and as such the proposed amendment is not in the interest of society at large.”

The MLAs also took strong objections for bringing down number of legislators as member of local planning area and replacing them by appointing more officials from various departments. JD(S) MLA Kona Reddy accused government curtailing the power of legislators. MLAs Sa Ra Mahesh and G T DeveGowda trusting officials over elected representatives.

Credits Bangalore Mirror

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