Green energy for Andaman & Nicobar Islands

Article from The Echo of India

The strong will of A&N Administration  as recently expressed  by Lt. Governor, Lt. General A.K. Singh(Retd.) in a high level meeting at New Delhi for substituting diesel generated power with that of  non- conventional sources of energy is really praise worthy. It is a timely decision of  Govt. of India’s Ministry of Power and the Andaman & Nicobar Administration for exploration and implementation  of  Non-Conventional Energy Sources.  Thus reducing consumption of fossil fuels and saving Islands valuable environment. No doubt Andaman Nicobar Group of  Islands is endowed with  very good sources of non-conventional sources of Green Energy like Solar, Wind, Hydro, Biomass, Ocean Thermal Energy  Current (OTEC) and Tidal Waves.

At present major portion of islands energy requirements are met with diesel generator sets, a very costly affair especially due to typical topography of these islands.  The power tariff is highly subsidized which is a big drain on public exchequer. Islands do  have  a small Hydro Electric Power Station at Kalpong River of North Andaman which is meeting the  energy requirements of North and Middle Andamans up to certain extent only. Substitution of diesel will be a big challenge for the  power engineers of  these islands. The tropical solar energy through specially designed roof tops can be harnessed up to a great extent through solar panels. Similarly,  there is very good scope for electricity through Aero Generators.  As informed by HOD, Electrical Department of DBRAIT, Mr. Arun Srivastav,  there is ample potential of using aero generators in southern group of islands especially in Car Nicobar, Kamorta and Katchal Island.

A few years back IIT Chennai had conducted a survey on  potentials of OTEC. Power Engineers  are very optimistic about  vast potential of  energy generation from adjoining sea of islands. Only it requires an exhaustive technical survey. Biomass and city waste can also be used  for generating cheap green energy by adopting appropriate technology. These islands are having very good amount of rainfall almost for a period of nine months. Terrain of these islands has a good  potential  of  kinetic energy . If  a technical survey of all sources of running water of islands is conducted , one can easily find many spots for installing Micro Hydro Generator Sets. Various Engineering  Institutes can help in designing  of such generator sets suitable for islands. In coming years tidal waves can also be useful in generating green energy for these islands.

On the whole time has come when the will of A&N Administration and the Govt. of India for substituting diesel as source of energy for islanders with that of  Green Energy must be implemented  in letter and spirit.

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