Gurugram civic body collected over Rs.23 crores after announcing 25% rebate in property taxes

After the state government announced a one-time rebate of 25% on payment of property tax arrears from 2010 till 2016 before February 28, the Municipal Corporation of Gurugram (MCG) has collected over Rs 23 crore tax this month. The amount is significant as the MCG collected only Rs 121 crore in property tax in 2016 as compared to Rs 387 crore collected in 2015.

As per MCG officials, in January, the civic body had only recovered Rs 6 crore in property tax. Hence, to boost its collection prior to the end of the financial year and to reduce the 68% percent deficit, the rebate was introduced. Although taxpayers can make payments till next week, long queues were seen at the citizen facilitation centres (CFCs) in Sector 34 and Civil Lines on Tuesday as people rushed to clear their dues.

The MCG collected over Rs 26 lakh through property tax camps in New Palam Vihar and Sector 54 on Sunday. MCG officials set up a camp for property tax payment in Udyog Vihar Phase 5 near HSIIDC campus on Tuesday. Several industries are situated in the area and MCG officials are anticipating a huge collection in commercial property tax payments.

Additionally, MCG has also partnered with Axis Bank for property tax payment. A tax payer can go to the bank’s nearest branch and make a payment by submitting his or her property ID number. Many taxpayers were also seen making digital payments as they receive a 1% discount on cashless payments. MCG officials are encouraging cashless transactions are only accepting limited cash sums at their offices.

“As the country is moving towards a cashless economy, the MCG has adopted measures to facilitate digital and cashless payments and is accepting cash payments of property tax that are less than Rs 5,000. For payments higher than Rs 5,000, the MCG will only accept cheque payments, the receipt of which will be send to the taxpayer’s email address,” SS Rohilla, spokesperson of MCG, said.

Anticipating a large queue of tax payers, the MCG had made advanced preparations and established additional counters and officials at each citizen facilitation centres. Giving an impetus to property tax collection, MCG Commissioner V Umashankar announced that those colonies or sectors, which have no remaining dues in property tax will get an additional sum of Rs 25 lakh for development projects from the MCG.

Credits Hindustan Times

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