Heat-proof homes are favourite in Thiruvananthapuram

To beat the heat, many city residents have opted for heat-resistant roof and paints. Most of them do not find air conditioners affordable and such heat-proofing techniques are comparatively light on pocket.

“After covering our terrace with aluminium roofing sheets, temperature inside the house has come down dramatically,” said Neethu Navas, a resident of Kowdiar. She was the first to go for additional roof in her colony, and now almost every house here has it. Sachin Abraham Joseph, who resides at Statue, too said temperature inside his house has come down by 7 degrees Celsius after installing roofing sheets and repainting the house with heat-resistant paints.

“Every major paint brands now have weather-proof products. The demand for this type of paint, which reduces heat and dampness, has seen a considerable rise,” said Chandra Kumar, managing partner of Devi Stores, a city-based shop. Though such paints can effectively bring down temperature inside homes by 10 degrees Celsius, they are expensive as compared to ordinary paints.

“Aluminium and PVC sheets are the most preferred and effective ones. Now, we are witnessing a sudden surge in the demand for roofing sheets. The roofs can also protect the house from rain and possible leakage during the monsoon,” says Abdul Faizy, owner of Brothers Engineering. However, he prefers traditional roof tiles.

“Thatched roof with coconut palm leaves are the most suitable roofing solution for our climate. The next best alternative is traditional roof tiles. They do not absorb heat like concrete,” says joint director P B Sajan of Costford, an eco-friendly construction company. There are special leak-proof and durable roofing tiles in the market, which make them more cost-effective. Aluminium roofing sheets too are popular, but the clatter they make during rains is a drawback.

“A three coat painting procedure has to be followed, where 1 litre of paint could cover only an area of 10 square feet. In normal painting it could cover 100 to 150 square feet of area,” said Chandra Kumar. Painting with lime coats can also save from heat, but it’s not durable, he added.

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