High rises can come up beyond 100 metres of defence campuses

KOLKATA: In a huge boost to the real estate industry, the defence ministry has finally decided to amend a 113-year-old Act that restricts construction of buildings within 500 metres of military establishments and cut back the limit to only 100 metres for multi-storey structures and just 50 metres for single-storey houses.

The Works of Defence Act, 1903, was coming in the way of real estate activity in metro centres like Kolkata, where premium plots at upmarket locations were lying unused close to military camps that are not strictly strategic in nature.

In February 2015, the Army had cited the Act to stop Kolkata Municipal Corporation and other civic bodies from approving building sanction plans near Fort William and 18 other military establishments in the city. This had stalled at least three mega residential projects on Diamond Harbour Road and D L Khan Road and affected scores of plot owners in places like Dum Dum, Baranagar, Behala, Alipore and Ballygunge Circular Road.

Several proposals for construction of new structures and renovation of existing ones are since pending with the KMC.

Under the new guidelines, high rises can now come up beyond 100 metres of defence campuses while single-storey structures can be constructed beyond 50 metres of military camps. KMC officials say the relaxed norms will not only restart stalled projects, but fetch the civic body and additional Rs 100-150 crore in revenue.

Credits ET Realty

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