Highway construction to create a record of max distance covered: Gadkari

From ET Realty

NEW DELHI: Construction of national highways is powering along and set to touch the maximum distance covered in a year. Work in this fiscal is estimated to cross 6,000 km, surpassing the previous best-5,700 km completed in 2012-13 during UPA-II.

Though road transport and highways minister Nitin Gadkari needs to wait some more time to achieve his ambitious target of building 30 km of highways daily, in less than two years since the Modi government assumed office, the average daily construction is set to touch at least 17 km against 16 km earlier.

Ministry data shows an uptick in the pace of awarding contracts and construction as well till December 2015 in comparison to the corresponding period in 2014-15.

Total construction between April and December 2015 was about 1,500 km more than the corresponding period in 2014 – the first year of the NDA government.

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